VentureMart.ME: A Marketplace For Content Marketing 

VentureMart.ME: A Marketplace For Content Marketing 

Content marketing is the crowning jewel of your digital presence. Content marketing answers your customers’ questions and raises awareness about your brand. And not only that. It also builds trust with the audience, helping you generate leads and boost conversions. It nurtures strong relationships with your online community and inspires brand loyalty.

Simply put, content marketing creates harmony between your marketing and sales efforts.  

However, not all content is equal. To engage the audience and inspire them to take action, content needs to be unique, engaging, and consistent. Your content needs to carry an identifiable tone of voice, style, and personality across all media. 

So, how do you keep your content on-brand and memorable?

That is exactly where VentureMart.ME, an online creative marketplace for business ideas and launches, enters the scene. 

An Ecommerce Hub For Content Marketing Creators

VentureMart.ME is an ecommerce hub for content creation. The campaign-purchasing process is handled online from beginning to end, via their E-Store. Not to mention that their eStore makes their prices  fully transparent and visible, making it easier for you to plan your budget.

The way their eStore works is just like that – like a store. “Our service is a shopping cart checkout style service, rather than a custom agency service,” VentureMart.ME emphasizes. 

So, how does VentureMart.ME really work? 

So, how do you keep your content on-brand and memorable? That is exactly where VentureMart.ME, an online creative marketplace for business ideas and launches, enters the scene.

The content-purchasing process is fast, user-friendly, and worry-free. You go to the store and select the service you need. Detailed service descriptions and filtering features assist you in choosing the right campaign for your business. 

Once you complete the purchase, you fill in a simple email form where you upload useful business files and information. The VentureMart team uses these insights to produce custom content for your brand within 48 hours.

Build A Brand Identity That Portrays Your Startup Values 

A brand identity is a combination of your brand’s visual components and messaging. When combined, these elements shape the perception of your business and evoke a specific emotion in a customer. 

So, how do you establish your brand identity? For starters, set your brand’s values, define the core elements of your startup, and incorporate them consistently into all marketing channels. 

VentureMart.ME fuels your startup’s brand presence by structuring and designing your key brand assets. 

“Our service is a shopping cart checkout style service, rather than a custom agency service.”

Once you provide brand and campaign details, their remote team will work their magic and develop everything. On-brand logo design, business card design, social media presence – you name it! And you get two designs for each so you can conduct A/B tests with them. 

Next step? Establish thorough brand guidelines and use your desired logo, creating a harmonious brand presence.

Launch A User-Friendly Website 

No matter if you are a blogger, a solopreneur, or a startup owner, a website is the backbone of your business. It is your ticket to greater online visibility in the overcrowded digital market. 

A website is your personal playground. A place where you decide what information you will share. What kind of content you will publish. And how your brand values will be structured and presented to the audience.  

Most importantly, unlike with social media, you actually own the content published on your website.

If your startup cannot afford to hire a creative agency or an in-house team of web designers and developers, VentureMart.ME is an affordable solution for you. They will create a mobile-friendly, design-savvy, and brand-focused website that reflects your brand’s core values. Built on a trustworthy third-party platform (such as WordPress) such websites are easy to update and manage in the future. 

They also offer ecommerce store development and building services on Shopify and similar third-party platforms.

​In addition to website development, VentureMart.ME also offers:

  • Lead generation setup and email automation
  • Connecting the store with your local bank account
  • Setting up visitor analytics
  • Ecommerce management and marketing

Design A Landing Page To Generate Qualified Leads 

Creating a high-quality website is usually not enough to maximize sales. Your startup needs a conversion-focused landing page. Unlike a homepage that has multiple links and serves to raise brand awareness, a landing page has a single CTA and has high commercial intent. 

Depending on your marketing goals, you can create different types of landing pages. 

For example, create a lead generation landing page that has a form and aims to obtain a user’s email address. Use it to promote your lead magnets, such as eBooks, whitepapers, ultimate guides,  etc. 

VentureMart.ME fuels your startup’s brand presence by structuring and designing your key brand assets.

On the other hand, click-through pages aim to point a visitor to the next action, such as booking a free trial or purchasing a product.

Irrespective of your marketing objectives, any landing page you create needs to be to the point, easily navigable, and easy to understand. If you have already completed your research and written a landing page copy, VentureMart.ME will take care of the page design. 

Create Captivating Ad Campaigns That Convert

PPC ads perfectly complement your organic marketing efforts. They increase your brand exposure, helping you put your brand in front of the right audience and boost conversions. 

However, to reap the power of paid ads, you need to strategically develop and optimize your campaigns. That involves conducting thorough market research to understand what users are looking for and develop ads that resonate with your audiences. But that is just a start. You also need copy and design that will inspire a user to click on your link and take the desired action.

If you are not sure where to start, VentureMart.ME may help. 

With VentureMart, the only thing you have to do is conduct the target audience research. VentureMart then uses this data to create ad copy and visuals that are in line with your brand and resonate with your audience. 

Supercharging Full Funnel Content Marketing Campaigns

When creating content, keep in mind that everybody has different interests, and knowledge about your brand.

That is why you should map your sales funnel and create unique content for each stage of it. 

Full-funnel marketing is more customer-centered as it does not focus on sales solely. Instead, it observes the customer journey as a whole. That way, it builds and nurtures stronger relationships with customers and gradually prepares them for converting.

The full marketing campaign involves many things, including landing page creation, ad building, and email marketing campaigns. That way, you can easily test marketing hypotheses, validate marketing ideas, and develop content that meets customer needs.

Build A Prototype For Your Startup

Having an amazing business idea and testing it is not enough to launch a startup. Before you get started, you need to create a prototype. A prototype is a sample version of your product or service, used for testing before the launch. 

Why is it important to build prototypes? Because they let you collect your potential customers’ feedback and resolve any performance or usability issues before the rollout. 

VentureMart.ME lets you test your product ideas and build product prototypes strategically. With their help, you can create prototypes of your digital products, such as your ecommerce store, website, or mobile app. That is how you will boost the initial traction and fuel your fundraising efforts.

For example, why not create a landing page rather than an entire website? Even having nothing more than a landing page can help you observe how people interact with the page and determine whether it is user-friendly.

Wrapping Up

Driven by design, cost-effective, and made up of international remote teams. That one brief way to describe VentureMart.ME. These are also its unique selling points.

And we could not be more happy for them.

VentureMart.ME connects the digital presence dots, letting businesses build a cohesive, memorable, and trustworthy online brand right from the start. 

Way to go, guys! Glad you’ve chosen .ME as your digital home!


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