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Budva, Montenegro is hosting this year’s WebFest.me conference which will be held tomorrow and the day after. While the conference alone is really interesting and there are many great speakers you can listen, many of you might stay a day or two longer to experience Budva in a non-tech context.

So, after you meet some of us during the WebFest conference, what can you do next? There are some great sights to see in Budva and we’ll try to point out a few!

Mediterranean Vacation

As you already know, Budva is located on the shore of the Mediterranean sea, so make sure to take your beach gear with you. We can’t guarantee for the weather conditions, but it’s better to be prepared 😉

If you’re more of a medieval fan, you’ll enjoy walking through the Renaissance buildings of the Old Town where Illyrians and Romans used to walk a long time ago. While you’re there, you might hang around when the night comes, as the Old Town becomes an outdoor theater.

Don't leave Budva without trying out rakija! (Image credit: stringtravel.com)

As far as the food goes, don’t miss out some of the Montenegrin meals such as pršut, olives and many kinds of sea and river fish. There’s no food without a good drink, right? You can try our traditional drinks; rakija, white wines like Krstač, Chardonnay and Sauvignon or maybe red wines like Vranac, Merlot and Cabernet.

Excursions? Of Course!

If you’re looking for some outside activities in Budva and its province, one of the biggest attractions is the island of Saint Nicolas, which you can reach by taxi boat. There you’ll enjoy the Mediterranean in its full beauty.

Kotor bay from old road to Cetinje (Image credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t miss out a trip to the coast outside of Budva, where you can visit the beautiful bay of Kotor and many other wonderful places! If this isn’t enough for you, just tweet us while you’re enjoying the WebFest.me conference and we’ll be glad to tweet back some recommendations.

Title image credit: Marcello Travel


Nikola Krajacic

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