Which Global Tech Hub is Right for your Startup Company?

Which Global Tech Hub is Right for your Startup Company?

The need for talented people from the tech world skyrockets as almost 140,000 new startup companies are being launched every day. This also means that more and more hot tech hubs keep cropping up around the globe and since these attractive tech-business locations each come with unique people, culture and feel, the startup environment they provide is also just as unique. Each of these settings can give you a nice opportunity for your company to grow and prosper. Today we are taking a closer look at some of the most attractive tech hubs of contemporary online and tech business world.

Silicon Valley, the land of Big (and long) Shots

Even though putting down the roots of your company in Silicon Valley requires a small fortune, it continues to be THE tech hub for contemporary start-up companies. With tech giants such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more, Silicon Valley is still a leading hub and the most developed startup ecosystem for new innovative high-tech companies, harboring one-third of all of the business and capital investment in the United States, from the tech world, that is.

However, there’s also a downside here. The other side of that shiny Silicon Valley coin, if you will. Scott Garner, the communications and content marketing manager of ZipRecruiter, warns that if you are looking to start a business and “get into tech at the Silicon Valley, you’re going to be facing a lot of folks who have a lot of experience, who have been there a while, and an incredibly expensive housing market.”

This is where new players in the tech hub game come in.

Lithuania, the place “To Be”

One of the biggest ecosystems (and already the biggest one in the Baltics) is about to be launched. In a matter of months, right next to the historic old town of Vilnius, the hot new tech hub will be spawned. Vilnius Tech Park will cover more than 8,000 square meters with its complex of startup offices, co-working spaces, cafeterias, hostels and recreational areas. The project has received significant support from the local startup community, alongside Vilnius municipality, and it is said that the Vilnius Tech Park should be finished by the first quarter of 2016. However, the companies that already reserved their office space there (including Vilnius’ largest startups like Vinted, Game Insight, and the Startup Highway accelerator) are about to move in as soon as January. The early bird catches the worm, indeed.

“We sail tonight for Singapore”

Singapore is among the tech startup ecosystems that surely made one of the biggest leaps over the past 5 years. Much like the previous two locations, Singapore is currently one of the most developed startup locations with strong research institutions and “limited enforcement of non-compete clauses, a condition that academics now suggest can be a major driver of innovation,” says Scott D. Anthony, an author and managing partner of consulting firm “Innosight”. The Singapore start-up surge started back in 2010, but it soon became THE tech hub of Asia “with dozens, if not hundreds, of interesting start-ups, many clustered in Block 71, a building close to Insead, the National University of Singapore, and government-sponsored innovation hubs carrying Star Trek-like names of Fusionoplis and Biopolis.”


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