Yellow.ME: Why Company Culture Is Important

Yellow.ME: Why Company Culture Is Important

What is company culture? Well, there is no precise definition of company culture. But we can refer to it as a set of common goals, attitudes, and values that connect the members of an organization. It’s not just a good vibe at the office or a flattering description in the “About us” section. No, it’s much more than that! 

It’s the expectations and beliefs you share. Unity in purpose.  An environment that encourages inclusion, diversity, creativity, teamwork, and respect. If all that aligns with employees’ feelings and convictions, then your company has a strong corporate culture. 

Why is company culture important? And what can we do to make our company culture better? To see this, we will look at, a great example of successful company culture. 

Let’s see what Yellows are all about! 

Why Company Culture Is Important – The Case Of Yellowme 

Company culture influences all the aspects and the results of your business. Productive and satisfied employees equal happy clients, which leads to business growth. 

A great example of successful company culture is the one nurtured by Yellowme is a digital agency and IT outsourcing company made of talented software developers & UI/UX designers located in Mérida, México. 

“We are not an agency or a dev shop. We build real world teams.”

Even from a glimpse of their website, you can conclude it appeals to their current and potential employees. They celebrate experiences and people that shaped them more than the services they offer. In their own words: “We are not an agency or a dev shop. We build real world teams.” 

Really, the story of Yellowme is a story about commitment, being there for others, and constantly participating in an open dialogue. Yellows truly seem to love what they’re doing.

Company Culture Lessons We Can Learn From Yellowme

So, what lessons can we learn from Yellows? How can you boost your company’s culture? If you own a small business or work at a startup and want to improve it, here are some postulates Yellow tribe shared with us. 

1#. The voice of each individual should be heard

The individual impact is precious for overall performance. Hierarchy and bureaucracy are just empty forms without essence. Instead, focus on community and problem-solving processes. Great ideas come from all levels when you know how to listen. Diversity is key to a creative environment.

2#. People above technology and questions above answers

Employees should perceive their workplace as a second home and treat their co-workers as a family. Be aware that every colleague has their own struggle. Therefore, transparency and thoughtfulness are highly welcomed. Besides, if you don’t have the answer, don’t feel reluctant to ask. Having questions means that you are exploring and learning.

3#. Live your values

Truly live the values you propagate. Practice makes values the real foundations of healthy company culture, not words. Put words into action. No matter how much your business has evolved, you should never abandon your values. 

4#. Giving back to the community 

Just as you have learnt from others, giving it back doesn’t only benefit others – it benefits you too. Share your knowledge as others have been sharing their expertise with you.

And this is what’s important to remember. When your entire team is involved and they feel their opinion is respected, they will be motivated and committed. Maintaining a positive workplace climate makes developers and designers feel free to experiment. Thus, many great ideas can emerge from that mindset. 

No matter how much your business has evolved, you should never abandon your values.

In a nutshell, employee-oriented companies where coworkers feel fulfilled and valued can be inspiring role model firms in entrepreneurship for all of us.

What Makes Yellow.ME Different From Other Companies?

Yellowme specializes in design and engineering. Or, more precisely, in mobile apps, web apps and websites. Their team consists of more than 60 designers, engineers and product managers that allude to themselves as a “tribe”. They say they are proud to work with small companies that are yet on the rise and accept all the challenges that await.

Leadership and ownership mentality

Not only do they provide Software Development & IT Services and create Front end, iOS, Android, and back-end solutions. Regardless of clients’ fame, stage and industry, they also take care of the company culture everyone benefits from. It’s a win-win situation for employers, employees and clients alike.

What is more, Yellowme encourages their employees to be leaders and feel as if the company belongs to them, too. This is done by making sure they are all connected and fully understand the purpose of the work and the client’s strategy. Learning and exploring are highly desirable and appreciated. 

Don’t Just Participate In The Project, Be Deeply Involved 

Speaking of clients and users, employees are not just put on a project. Rather, they are deeply involved in the challenge. Or, to to put in Yellows’ words: 

Turning ideas into awesome products is our passion, focused on design and development to create great digital experiences that solve user’s problems.

What will happen in the future? From their beginnings, Yellowme has been constantly expanding. Whether it’s UX/UI design, developing mobile apps, engineering the front-end, or working on the back-end, this team of talented people is constantly growing.

Some of the companies successfully works with are Enso, Kueski, Billeto, Base operations, Tilliden, Wizeline and many more. When it comes to their digital presence, Yellows gladly participate in shaping the future of software. They are part of platforms where developers contribute to the open-source community together (such as GitHub).

Summing Up

To sum up, we got some valuable lessons from ‘manifesto’. Offer plenty of support and tools to your employees. Camaraderie is more important than hierarchy. Your employees are your brand. And if you all commit full-heartedly, the investment will pay off.

Thus, Yellowme proved itself to be one amongst many positive examples in our .ME family. We cheer for them in all their future endeavors! 


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