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Shopping for Men Made Easy: ZipFit.Me Fits You With the Perfect Pair of Jeans

By Tena Šojer, December 30, 2013

In short, ZipFit.Me is a web store as well as a brick-and-mortar one in Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, which helps clueless (and less then clueless) men find their best fitting jeans. Forget about old-school measuring tapes, though- zipFit.Me uses their own proprietary technology, a special algorithm to be precise, to find the perfect fit.

The algorithm the store uses matches the customer with the right pair of mens jeans based upon a pair they already love or based upon their body type and fit preferences. You can also save your preferences and quickly order a new pair from anywhere, anytime you want. If you are in the vicinity of the store, stop by and the lovely staff there will size you up and find you a perfect pair. If you’re further away, you can easily and painlessly find your right fit through the website, or schedule a one-on-one virtual consultation with the ZipFit.Me team over Skype or Google Hangouts.

Find your fit, find the pair of jeans you love, the store will hem them to your perfect length and ship them to you. Jeans will shrink a tad when you wash them so ZipFit.Me adds an inch to every pair of jeans we send out to the door to give you some wiggle room, but if you think they are to long or they don’t meet your fancy, alterations are free of charge.


The store keeps a limited (but not small) supply of denim inventory and selected brands that you can browse through on their website, but is happy to get you your desired brand and fit in any wash that is offered by the denim company, at no extra charge.

The shipping is free for the US customers, international shipping is also available, albit charged additional $20 for the first item, $10 for the second item or nothing at all if you buy 3 pairs of jeans or more. It takes a week for your spanking new jeans to arrive at your door, or up to two if you are an international customer.

How It All Began

Liz Kammel , the founder of ZipFit.Me started her MBA program at Chicago Booth as a weekend program student, commuting every Saturday to Chicago from Indianapolis. On one of these drives, she found herself carpooling with a group male Booth students who quickly turned the conversation to their hatred of shopping. Their major complaint, of course, was not finding the right fit. That’s where Liz first got the idea, but much hard work ensued to make ZipFit.Me happen.

Liz and her staff (source: ZipFit.Me)

Liz and her staff (source: ZipFit.Me)

Liz developed an Excel spreadsheet  cross-referencing a huge variety of men’s denim brands and fits, and stalked her male classmates, bribing them to accompany her to retail stores to try on pair after pair of jeans. Two years of denim obsession later, ZipFit was born.  The ZipFit flagship store opened on Michigan Avenue in October 2012, helping men all over the world find the perfect jeans fit quickly and without having to try on a 20 pairs or mull around endless denim stores.



Tena Šojer

Tena graduated from University of Zagreb with a masters degree in English and Anthropology. Her interests are writing, science, technology and education, and her goal in life is to find a way to pursue them all at the same time. She is currently writing for Netokracija, working with a great team to bring the best internet and tech related news to the Balkans.

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