Beck Power – Marketing Strategist And Public Speaker

Beck Power – Marketing Strategist And Public Speaker

An inspiring woman who bases her life on helping underprivileged people to fulfill their dreams – that is our Beck Power.

Originally from New Zealand, Beck found her community to be too limiting in how she wants to live her life. So, she decided to travel the world, become a digital nomad and find her calling.

We are going to tell you about some of the most important ventures in her life. Her story will definitely inspire you to be true to yourself and follow your dreams.

Beck As An Entrepreneur

Beck Power is a digital nomad who founded and co-founded many businesses. From her base in Bangkok, Thailand, she continues to develop her entrepreneurial mindset and use it for her new ventures.

Everyone can immediately tell that Beck is the kind of person who is practical and straightforward. Her no-nonsense approach is what makes her perfect for starting and running businesses that are profitable and require minimal investment.

Beck Power is a digital nomad who founded and co-founded many businesses.

One of such ventures is NomadFly. As a former travel agent, Beck used her knowledge of booking airplane tickets to start a small startup. Her idea was to launch a course in which she teaches people how to save money on booking tickets. The popularity of the course grew quickly – as did the price. And Beck’s course became a success.

Beck’s success did not go unnoticed. She has been featured in influential newspapers, such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and New York magazine.

Beck As A Public Speaker

The business that best reflects Beck’s personality is Queer Hustle.

Beck realized that helping people is what’s most important to her. Beck then discovered her true calling. Thus she decided to start a project where she would have the chance to inspire others to start their own business and fulfill their dreams.

To achieve that, Beck runs Queer Hustle conferences, where she holds motivational speeches and gives tips and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. The focus is on the LGBT community. Beck believes that there is very little positive media in that community. Also, these types of events would encourage people from the LGBT community to start their own hustle.

The main goals of Queer Hustle are not only to motivate people. It’s also to help them find the best strategies for achieving their goals and provide a supportive environment.

Being a queer woman, as Beck says, she recognized that it is important to have everyone feel included, so she coined the term ‘womxn’. She believes that this term is the most inclusive way to make people feel welcomed.

Beck’s talent for public speaking and commitment to helping people were recognized by many. And her conferences became a hit.

Beck As A Marketing Strategist

Beck As A Marketing Strategist

Another of Beck’s ventures is the Amp Content Academy, where she helps her clients be more visible on social media. Her content increases leads and sales for any business. Once Beck and her team get the content that needs to be advertised, they’re on it! They repurpose it by creating microcontent and posting it on social media to connect the business with the right audience.

As it is clear now, Beck truly loves helping people and she found a way to do so even as a marketing strategist.  One thing that she posts regularly on her personal website is the episodes of Amplify Content podcast. Every episode is dedicated to a specific topic of digital marketing, where people can learn many useful hacks. For everyone who prefers the written word, Beck also publishes articles on her blog.

Beck truly loves helping people and she found a way to do so even as a marketing strategist.

Authentic as she is in all her ventures, so is the case with her website. She’s not a bit shy to introduce herself right off the bat and tell us what she’s about. And that’s how you can tell the .ME domain was the right choice for her.

Parting words

The positive energy, dedication, and selflessness Beck brings to her every venture are contagious. This marketing strategist serves as an inspiration for all to be brave and go after the life they want.

We wish Beck all the best with her future endeavors and thank her for being such an outstanding part of the .ME family.


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