Unlike conventional URL shorteners, “That Is.Me”, a new social platform, provides web addresses that read as slogans or complete sentences. It went live in earlier 2010 and has dozen, if not hundreds, of other jingling names in the pipeline ready to be released as soon as the demand catches up. With “That Is.Me”, it isstuff

Call.ME, a domain acquired by Domain Invest (DI SA) for 20 000 EUR will become one of the first virtual telephone booths. It will enable visitors to call online from the website www.call.me any landline or mobile phone worldwide without having to install any software. “The Internet is a virtual world which, by all means,stuff

Dot .ME, the ccTLD (country code Top-Level-Domain) of Montenegro, even now, nearly two years after its release, is still as popular as ever, if not more! With the Registry’s second anniversary quickly approaching (second anniversary of “Go Live” on July 16, 2010), HEXONET is not only spotlighting the domain, but will also run a hugestuff

Bruce Marler, owner of statewide portals such as “Missouri.ME” and “Oklahoma.ME” focused on serving advertising needs of small and medium-size businesses, has been recently interviewed by Domain Name Wire. In one portion of the interview he talked about the brandability of .ME domains. ANDREW: I have to ask, because you have Missouri.me, Oklahoma.me, you know,stuff

Reface.ME is another great online destination for Facebook addicts. Here you can pick up everything form inspirational status updates to must have applications. In addition, it offers the latest Facebook news, profile picture ideas, funny statuses and tag pictures (e.g. you can avatarize! yourself:)). If you like Facebook, you will love Reface.ME. >> sourcestuff

Tungle.me makes scheduling meetings across organizations, costly calendar systems, and time zones easy and eliminates double bookings, frustrating time zone mishaps, and the endless back and forth emails and phone calls. This free personal scheduling application syncs with Outlook (with or without Exchange), Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Entourage for Mac and Lotus Notes. Most importantly,stuff

Got the ultimate personal brand online? If so, share it by entering a the MyDomain Brand .ME contest for an easy chance to win a free domain and web hosting or the grand prize of $1000 Apple gift cards! In order to apply, provide basic contact information, choose a category, a short statement about yourstuff

If you enjoy fishing, biking, swimming, skiing, boating, wildlife or just strolling around the lake Terre du Lac is definitely a  place worth visiting. It is located inside the 5,200 acre private lake community and consists of 16 lakes and 4 ski lakes. Made up for working families, retirees and some people who just wantstuff


Tired of waiting in line in front of changing rooms? Try fits.ME and their virtual fitting room for their online clothing retailers. Bringing together competences from diverse fields ranging from apparel design and anthropometrics to IT, robotics and mechanics it solves the biggest problem for apparel eCommerce. The website has integrated robotic mannequins which actuallystuff

Fresh off the acquisition of AppVee, social mobile app directory Appolicious is releasing a few new features including an Appo.me, URL shortener for links to apps.  Appo.me gives the ability to easily create, grab and share a shortened URL that links directly to an app. You simple type in the name of an iPhone appstuff

Growing popularity of social media and the fact that blogs, social networks and community portals are becoming the most visited online destinations and are changing the face of the Internet. This is an ideal opportunity for an ordinary user to personalize his/her online experience. Keeping up with these trends, .ME Registry and NameJet announced thestuff

There has been a great deal written about how to engage with social media to establish a name for yourself online, but a commonly overlooked piece of the puzzle is also one of the simplest: owning your own domain name. How a Domain Fits With Personal Branding? Whether you’re just beginning online or you’re astuff

Numerous possibilities of .ME domains are best summarized by the Registry’s slogan “.ME is about YOU”. Still, there is much more to say and Xavier Buck, CEO of EuroDNS, elaborates further on .ME brandability “We launched .ME in May 2008 and the registrations haven’t stopped growing since.  .ME offers so many possibilities in terms ofstuff

This blog is another perfect match between a personal domain name and extremely useful website content. It talks about everything from social media, PR and marketing to making the most of the various online tools and communities. It’s aimed at everyone. Among other things here is what Danny says: “If there’s something you’d like tostuff

Major brands such as WordPress (WP.me), Universal Pictures and Facebook (FB.me) are now using ME domains for promotions – how do you think businesses can use the extension to create memorable brands? -With .ME you can create a perfect call to action or verb related site with a name that makes an impact, people rememberstuff

If YouLike.ME, InvestIn.ME at NameJet Auction. Backorder before February 18th: Companies.ME Delight.ME GiftFor.ME Preview.ME Min.ME software4.ME and many more!Do YouFind.ME catchy? We do. >> sourcestuff

Anyone who uses a computer knows domain names .com or .org. But what about .to or .me? The .me registry in Montenegro went live in 2008. Since then, more than 320,000 names have been registered. Why so popular? Ask Matt and Katy Mansell. Matt bought willshemarry.me. Katy said yes. And after that the couple usedstuff

Od czasu uruchomienia rozszerzenia w 2008 roku, zarejestrowano 320 tys. domen, co sprawiło, że .ME może pochwalić się najlepszym debiutem ze wszystkich TLD. Nazwy wykorzystywane są nie tylko do krótkich, osobistych domen (jak youand.me), ale również do wyrażeń wzywających do podjęcia akcji (np notify.me). Jak zdradzają firmy z regionu – nawet jeszcze przed uruchomieniem możliwośćstuff

Ad oggi, sono stati registrati oltre 320 mila siti con indirizzo .me, un dato che trasforma il piccolo Montenegro nel proprietario del dominio con la crescita più sostenuta nella storia di internet. Gli imprenditori che sono stati così accorti da accaparrarsi le combinazioni migliori, oggi le rivendono per cifre a tre zeri. E pensare chestuff

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