Create Website in a Day: Best Website Builders

Create Website in a Day: Best Website Builders

Close your eyes. Imagine your beautifully built, functional website that captures the essence of you or your business. With a simple search, your audience will have an entirely new window into what you can do. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? But before you go on listing all the excuses pertaining to the difficulty of building a website, let us introduce a plot twist. You can create your website in a day with the little help of some of the best website builders! 

The internet is filled with companies offering tools to create a website by yourself – with zero coding skills. Yet, how do you know which one is the best for you? 

At first glance, a particular website builder might seem like a great option for you. But, after some time, you might conclude that the chosen website builder doesn’t contain all the features you need. To help you out we did a little research on the best website builders on the market. We’ve selected a couple of options that you might like. But before we get ahead of our selves, here’s what you need to know when researching the best website builders on the market.

what to look for when evaluating website builders

What are we looking for?

We all know that one shoe doesn’t fit all. So when choosing our picks for the best website builders, we looked into different strong points. That is what we suggest you do too – make a list of what it is that you are looking for. Write down the non-negotiables. You know, the features your website must have. For example, an eCommerce, blog section, a reservation system, newspapers pop-up, social media features, SEO features and more. If you’re not entirely sure what your website should look like, try doing some investigative work. Check similar websites that offer related content. It should inspire you when building your own.

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At this point, try to visualize your website’s initial appearance and how it will grow and develop. How often will you update the content? Maybe you wouldn’t need a store section in the beginning, but how about the future? It is wise to think about the additional features your website will need when it reaches a certain growth and make sure your website builder is capable of fulfilling those needs. Many sites offer a free trial version or even a money-back guarantee to experience how everything would look in a safe, not much consequential environment. Our picks of website builders are based on several criteria:

  • Easiness of use
  • Visual component
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Data ownership

Here is our list of the best website builders!

Vsble.ME website builder

This website builder is a true charmer! Specially designed for visual artists, it has many wonderful ideas for casting a spotlight on their work. The aesthetics of the suggested websites makes the rest of us regret not being artistic enough ourselves! offers customizable templates and many eye-catching options such as video landing page and animated effects, quick fonts and colour adjustment, logo maker and much more. 

Models, actors, creative agencies – how much of a hassle is creating sed cards? That marketing tool is convenient as an artist’s portfolio. With you can create your website as an online portfolio that is fully downloadable. Your visitors can export the content in the forms of sed cards in PDF, rather than screenshotting content.

This website builder offers a 14-day free trial without a credit card involved. Their Free plan has a limit of 80 image uploads, and you can use only their free domain. Pro plan overcomes those limits and provides website analytics as well. 

But, mark your calendars. New features are to roll out in June! website builder is devoted to creative professionals who would like to showcase their portfolio, so it is optimal for designers, photographers, illustrators and artists in general. 

Their templates complement the visual appearance of the artist’s work, allowing for the effortless incorporation of images, audio and video components. Simple editing tools will enable you to change the layout, typography and colours of the portfolio whenever you wish. The templates are responsive on just any device, and you can switch between plans. If this sparked your interest, you can start the 10-day free trial and experience it without the commitment. does not provide domain names, so you’ll need to purchase your own from the registrar of your liking. Credit card information for the trial version is not required, which is fantastic, but later on – it’s good to know that this website builder does not accept PayPal.

This is the wave we want to surf on! WebWave is amongst the appealing and easy-to-use website builders that offer pre-made templates or give you the freedom to start from scratch. Even if you choose a template, it is fully customizable – you can alter it according to your needs. Best of both worlds! You will get a responsive website that works on all devices. 

WebWave offers a 30-day trial period – if you decide it’s not for you, you will get a refund. Some website builders have restrictions when it comes to connecting your domain, but WebWave allows you to make the transfer easily. If you want to export your WebWave website to another hosting – rest assured, you will have no limitations to do so!

The two most popular plans – Free and Premium plan differ, among other things, by advertised content. The branded WebWave advertisements will be visible on the Free plan websites, but both plans offer unlimited access to website builder, free hosting and unlimited storage.

website builders square space

If you enjoy a hassle-free experience, then is perfect for you! Their templates are known across the internet – the perfect visuals make your website easily stand out. Yours is to choose! It’s an excellent option for small and medium-sized enterprises. It has a lot of add-ons, tools and strong photo editing. The websites created will be responsive to mobile devices. Their customer support is recognized as helpful and very responsive. They offer Personal, Business and Commerce plans to suit everyone’s needs.

Yet, if you’re seeking layers of design power or cherish your complete freedom with creating the website, options like Wix are maybe better for you. While the website is indeed responsive on a mobile device and looks awesome, you will have trouble setting mobile-specific edits. 

wordpress best website builders

WordPress powers over 39.5% of websites on the internet. Why? Well, it is a free and open-source website builder, which gives you maximum control over your website. Any website can be created with WordPress: eCommerce store, community forums, a social network, a membership website, a simple website, a landing page, and more.

When it comes to pre-made themes – well, WordPress has (only) thousands of them! Talking about thousands, WordPress offers 58.000 plugins! It is fully translated into many languages and offers excellent SEO tools.

This amount of autonomy can cause slight troubles: you will have to manage your website, meaning you should familiarize yourself with the new system. You will have to keep up with WordPress updates, plugin updates and create back-ups.

wix website builder

Wix is cloud-based and fully hosted, meaning you don’t have to pay for hosting. The great aspect is that you get to choose from hundreds of templates – each one is fully editable. It is also pretty simple to make changes to the templates as the system has an easy drag and drop site builder. This way, Wix gives you the freedom to express yourself entirely visually. On the other hand, if creativity is not one of your top qualities, Wix has an artificial design intelligence that can create a great looking website for you. This website builder has dozens of free and paid apps which add up to the functionality of your site. As a test drive, you can use their free plan with limited bandwidth and storage and experience how your site would look.

On the cons side, your website will show Wix branded ads on Free and Connect Domain plans. If you wish to remove it, you will have to upgrade to their Combo or Unlimited plans. Also, thinking about the break-up with Wix might cause some headaches. If you wish to move your website, we must warn you: it will be pretty complicated.

website builders page

Bonus pick: A website only!

The true value behind a company’s brand is its people. The value behind your personal brand is you! Allowing your awesomeness to reflect on your personal website is possibly one of the best decisions to accelerate your career. This is an ideal resource to gather potential clients, employers, and the ones who think alike!

Presenting yourself with an page is quite easy, and it will involve choosing a photo, writing a short bio and linking all of your social media accounts. is simple, straightforward and communicates the essential things! Upgrading your page to a paid version opens the door for setting your personal .ME name, removing branding and unlocking additional page features.

Decisions, decisions! So tell us, from the pile of the best website builders, which one is best for you?


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