Dibz.Me, The Ultimate Link Prospecting Tool

Dibz.Me, The Ultimate Link Prospecting Tool

In the vast world of online advertising, there are few things as important as search engine optimization, or SEO for short. You see, SEO is what makes your website visible to search engines, and search engines make your site known to the world. SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for and many more things to give you an insight on how “visible“ your page really is. 

Link Building is one of the more important parts of the SEO strategy. It’s simply a group of actions that aim to increase the number of inbound links to your website, and now you can step your link building game up with Dibz.Me.

For our today’s post, we had the pleasure of talking to Radomir Basta, the co-founder of the advanced digital marketing tool Dibz.Me, CEO at Four Dots and Executive Chairman at Elevate Digital, two inbound marketing companies, and the author of The Good Book of SEO, a guide through the basics of digital marketing.

dibz.me link building tool SEO

Radomir, how did you get the idea to create Dibz.Me?

Link Building, one of our core business activities, is currently and will probably remain an essential part of each and every SEO strategy no matter the direction and acceleration in the changes in this relatively young industry.

Link prospecting is a huge part of that process and, unfortunately, it’s a manual, tiring, and time-consuming activity. 

Link prospecting is a huge part of that process and, unfortunately, it’s a manual, tiring, and time-consuming activity.

At the very beginning of our business, we came across an article which said something along these lines: You take this tool, copy everything into Google sheets, then use another tool to get link data, delete what you don’t need, and then use another tool to find contact details and emails, etc.

So, what it practically said was that you should get around five different tools and take a bunch of steps to get a solid and good list of prospects. 

And then, it hit us – Why don’t we make a single tool that would do all that instead?

We decided to hire an external dev team to help us with our project. Unfortunately for us and our budget, the people we were working with at the time just couldn’t understand what they were actually building and why we wanted it.

dibz.me link building tool SEO

So, we made a decision to gather an in-house dev team and started working on our SEO tools ourselves.

The moment we launched the first version, our productivity levels went through the roof. As we like to say, Dibz was made with ♥ by Four Dots.

So Dibz was developed with your company’s specific needs in mind. Today, the tool is commercially available and it was voted #5 Product of the Day on Product Hunt on January 31, 2019. Who is Dibz for and why should they use it?

Yeah, that was a great day for Dibz. (Please make sure you tell your readers that I made a huge, proud grin!)

Dibz is a prospecting tool that was initially developed to help our team easily find link building opportunities, help our clients grow their brand online, and save time so that they could focus their energy where they needed it the most.

We knew that there are many independent SEO consultants, full-service marketing agencies, businesses, and bloggers that shared our everyday struggles. Soon we realized that our solution can help them turn prospecting from an exhausting and complicated task into an almost automate, super-fast process which also gives them a comprehensive breakdown of the prospects and their most relevant metrics for their campaign.

How does that work?

Well, first off, you formulate a range of advanced search operator modified queries. The best thing about it is that you get the results for each query without having to complete a captcha as you would normally have to in Google. Then, you can filter the results in-app or export them if that’s more convenient for you.

And if you’re not yet an expert on complex operators and queries, don’t sweat it. Dibz has a range of predefined research type templates for the most common groups of prospects like guest posts, local citations, and forums, so you can start a search simply by typing in your target keywords.

What are the main features of Dibz and how does it help with link building?

To make things even more awesome, we created a Dibz’ spam algorithm and Spam Filter which analyses 17 SPAM signals or the most common measurable site quality indicators which enable you to set the criteria you want Dibz to use when evaluating websites and choosing which to keep.

Each URL/prospect you get comes with a range of metrics that help you decide if the site is a valid prospect.

dibz.me link building tool SEO

Another great time-saver is that with Dibz you can export all the results with their emails to CSV, and then import them to any email outreach platform, so that you can easily set and track your outreach campaigns.

Now, speaking of your outreach campaign, Dibz discovers and retrieves contact information for each website using various web APIs and our in-house algorithm.

Dibz’ spam algorithm analyses 17 SPAM signals which enable you to set the criteria you want Dibz to use when evaluating websites.

You can change and customise Dibz parameters like Spam Filter Criteria and blacklisted websites so that you can have better control of your search. This option comes with some of our paid plans.

Also, you can narrow down link building opportunities based on their TLD location, language,  date range and depth of the results.

You readers should try it out, we offer a free 15-day trial. Once you Dibz, you never go back. (Another smile from ear to ear.)

That’s an amazing set of features! And Dibz is a great name! How did you come up with it?

dibz.me link building tool

Back at the very early phases of Dibz development, it was a common practice in our office to use a group chat as an auctioning platform for link building prospects. Whenever someone found a site that wasn’t a fit for their niche, they posted it so that other people in the link building team could outreach it instead. The person who was the first to call “dibz” got the prospect and that’s how we got the idea.

Last but not least, why did you choose .ME domain?

One of the first things you learn about online branding is to choose your domain name carefully. In the past, it was very popular to get domain names that contained a keyword or exact match domain names. Today, Google sometimes even penalizes that kind of behavior or doesn’t favor such domains, at best. 

That’s why it’s safer to get a domain name that contains the name of the brand which doesn’t necessarily have to be a .com. And if you’re thinking about being recognized globally, finding a name that is transparent enough and close to your company’s name is the best way to go about it. 

Since .ME offers amazing, short, premium domain names that can be more easily branded and get you to the top positions of the Google SERP, we decided to go with Dibz.Me.

Dibz.Me combines powerful features, a sleek user interface, and a great value. It’s a tool that will change the way you look at link building.

There you have it SEOs. Combining powerful features, a sleek user interface, and a great value, Dibz.Me is certainly a tool that will change the way you look at link building. No more worries and losing time over-complicated ways to do this key component of search engine optimization – Dibz.Me can aid you in all of your link building needs, and it will do it like no other site or app on the market.

Be sure to give it a chance, and we’re certain that it will not only astonish you, but also kick-start your business in ways you never knew were possible.


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