Find.ME: Purchasing a Used Car Has Never Been Easier

Find.ME: Purchasing a Used Car Has Never Been Easier

Over the last couple of years, the used car market has shown exponential growth in value, thus becoming a large contributing factor in the overall market worth. According to research conducted by Technavio, it is even expected that CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of the global second-hand car market reaches nearly 7% between 2018 and 2022.

But why are used cars becoming so popular?  

Benefits of purchasing a used car

The first thing that comes to mind is – saving money. Buying a used car is a great way to spare big bucks when you (and your family) are running on a tight budget.

Did you know that the average cost of a new vehicle was $36,113 at the end of 2017? And, at the same time, the average price of a pre-owned vehicle was $19,400?

That sure is a striking difference.  

Other than financial reasons (which are far from negligible for most of us), the majority of people consider used cars to be a better choice due to lower depreciation, reduced insurance costs, and more modest registration fees. And let’s not forget one of the biggest perks – the possibility of buying a better, more luxurious car which you can afford even though you are on a limited budget.

Where to purchase?

So, where can potential buyers check out the offer and “seal the deal”?

Besides traditional brick-and-mortar stores, people can find a pre-owned car on online websites and platforms designed to enable people to browse and shop from the comfort of their homes.

With Find.ME you will be holding the keys of your new used car in no time.

A team of tech innovators recognized the growth of the second-hand car market and the needs of the customers for a technology that will make the process of finding a car as seamless as possible. That’s how Find.ME came to life.

Introducing Find.ME

Find.ME is designed to serve as a personal online assistant and a “buyers-little-helper” for all of those looking to purchase a used car. It actually aids in facilitating the process of finding a car that will match your desires and requirements – a car which is a perfect fit.


Find.ME uses the matching algorithm, based on your user profile, search history and your unique preferences, to present you with a completely personalized offer.

Since the used car market is huge and there are millions of cars available to browse through, Find.ME acts as a shortcut – it gives you better and faster search results, as well as a highly personalized, precise and complete offer.

Not only that – Find.ME can do wonders for retailers as well. It uses the same algorithm to provide better leads, thus improving conversion rates and advertising results.  

It’s like shopping with a friend who knows exactly what you like and helps you find it in no time. Isn’t that amazing?

Authenticity and design

Imagine you’re looking for a certain product or a service. And you come across a website with a domain name Find.ME. Would you visit it? We bet you would!

Due to the clever use of premium .ME domain, Find.ME is a prime example of a skilfully implemented CTA that speaks volumes to each and every site visitor. With such a unique and catchy name, it’s both enticing and impossible to forget. Since authenticity and individuality are everything in today’s branding game, it’s no wonder that Find.MEEme used such a personal domain to stand out and be recognizable.

Due to the clever use of premium .ME domain, Find.ME is a prime example of a skilfully implemented CTA that speaks volumes to each and every site visitor.

In addition, the website has a sleek design and layout, it is easily navigable, intuitive, and user-friendly. Once you register, there are two paths you may take on your adventure to finding your dream car.

I know what I want, help me find it

Assuming you know exactly which type of car you are looking for, you can always go for the “I know the way!” option.

From there, you are taken to the search page where you can choose the car’s type, brand and model. You can also filter your results by setting the price range (the highest price being 500,000 EUR). Moreover, you can narrow the search down even further by adding option filters, such as: age, seats, transmission, colors, engine, doors, fuel type, mileage.

Find.ME has a separate approach for those who already know what they want.

Once all the parameters are set, you’ll be given two types of results – best deals, and best matches. The best deal category aims to offer you special deals and prices for the specific model you opted for, while the latter category represents a selection of the best matches for you, based on your personal profile and car choice and preferences.

I don’t know what I want, help me find a match

If you are interested in purchasing a car but don’t have a specific make and model in mind, “Show me the way!” option is your safest bet.  

To help you narrow down the search, the algorithm asks for the brand and model of the car you are currently driving or the ones you prefer in case you are not a car owner just yet. Additionally, you can choose a preferred fuel type, as well as set the price parameters to match your budget limitations. What’s more, you can even state your age and gender – an option certain to deliver more accurate results.

When the search is complete, you will again be able to browse through the best deals and matches.

It’s worth mentioning that, no matter which type of search you pick, once you find a car you like, you are given a comprehensive overview which, besides the dealer’s contact, price, and mileage, also includes some additional information, such as: number of gears, type of wheels, alarm system, ABS, air conditioning, etc.

Also, you’ll get a brief overview of a road test (provided by AutoWereld), if there’s one available for the chosen car.

Already a Winning Startup!

Although still in a testing phase, Find.ME has some victories under its belt.

Although Find.ME is still in a testing phase, the innovative approach of their team managed to develop technology which has already made a huge impact on the way used car market functions. In fact, Find.ME won the title of “Disruptive Innovation of the Year” award in 2018 at Tech Startup Awards. Congratulations!

Although Find.ME is still in a testing phase, the innovative approach of their team managed to develop such a technology which have already made a huge impact on the way used car market functions.

Another huge accomplishment for was the opportunity to take part in Roularta Mediatech Accelerator in 2017, an initiative set up by Roularta Media Group and Duval Union. This program aims to provide support to the most innovative startups by optimizing their potential and offering guidance and advice, and Find.ME was selected as one of the nine startups to participate.

But that’s not all! Find.ME team has even greater aspirations – they aim to tackle three more industries and plan to create subdomains such as,, and So far it sounds amazing and we wish them best of luck!

Feeling inspired? Take the plunge, get your ideas out there, and join today’s innovators – the sky’s the limit!


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