HelloChef.ME: Home Cooking Meal Plan at Your Door

HelloChef.ME: Home Cooking Meal Plan at Your Door

One of the most often New Year’s resolutions people around the world make concerns a better diet. But with our busy lives and endless shortage of time in a day, home cooked meals tend to fall in the second plan, outran by the easiness of the takeout meal. Luckily for us, there are services around the world that deliver fresh ingredients to your doorstep. While that is enough for some, others, myself included, tend to need a bit more help that comes in form of recipes for the delivered ingredients. HelloChef.ME will deliver a home cooking meal plan packet with ingredients at your door! Well, I am not sure we have any excuse left not to prepare a home cooked dinner! 

about hello chef

About Hello Chef

Hello Chef is a Dubai based meal kit service, delivering chef-curated recipes and pre-portioned, fresh ingredients to thousands of customers across the UAE every week. Olivia Manner, Hello Chef’s Executive Chef and Founder grew up in Finland with international food being the focal point of her family and friends gatherings. The love for good food and cooking took her to study hospitality management and specialise in kitchen management. It was not long until she realised just how precious it is to bring someone joy with a plate of delicious freshly prepared food. 

Fast forward a couple of years, Olivia was about to return from maternity leave when she found herself in a peculiar situation. An office job as a director for a professional services company no longer held the same appeal. Instead, she wanted to make a difference in other people’s lives, by helping families cook and eat healthy meals together. Even on workdays when there is always a shortage of time to prepare a home meal. 

Soon, Hello Chef was born. Since the founding of the company in 2015, Hello Chef has been delivering a bag of popular under 30-minute recipes accompanied by carefully selected ingredients to subscribers.

how does hello chef home cooking meal work

How Does Hello Chef Home Cooking Meal Work

Eating clean, the Hello Chef way, could not be easier than it is! First, you choose from two available boxes. You can either select a Choice Box, where you can choose from 20 recipes each week. Or, you can choose a Classic Box that allows you to pick from 9 available recipe options for that week. The Choice box offers Low-Carb, Family-Friendly, and Vegan options and at least one Gourmet recipe a week. The Classic Box, on other hand, makes things simple. You can select from Family-Friendly and Vegan recipes.

While these two boxes differ slightly in terms of price, the rest of the elements are the same. You can select the package for 2, 3, or 4 people, with a no-commitment option that goes with each of the boxes. This simply means that if you are out of town or on holiday, you can skip the delivery for that given time frame. 

what makes hello chef stand out
Hello Chef

What Makes Hello Chef Stand Out?

Hello Chef always delivers delicious, colourful, balanced and varied recipes that can be cooked in roughly 30 minutes. And you do not need to worry about the quality of the ingredients or the special kitchen tools. All you really need is a pot and pan, and staples like cooking oil, salt and pepper. That’s it!

Cooking is time consuming, as we all know, and no matter how much you love finding your way in the kitchen, sometimes, there is simply too much to do. Hello Chef’s mission is to make sure their customers look forward to their home cooked dinners. They think of it as their mission to ensure that people do not think of cooking as a chore or something that is scary and time consuming. Rather, a pleasant time spent with your family. 

In times when sustainability is more important than ever, Hello Chef has chosen to support our planet by using only recyclable materials. One of their top priorities is making sure the ingredients arrive fresh and safe in the most environmentally responsible packaging available. The Hello Chef team is committed to developing fully recyclable and compostable materials for their boxes. Also, they run a box reuse or recycle program, where you can return the boxes so that they could be reused. And they help you skip a trip to the supermarket, so your food gets a shared ride to your home. Hello Chef boxes never travel alone, which minimizes their fuel use and overall carbon footprint!


As their decision to use a personalized .ME domain name already suggests, Hello Chef is there to make your culinary experience unforgettable. Home cooking meal plan with ingredients at your doorstep? Sounds tempting right? If the answer is yes, head over to the HomeChef.ME website, and order your first box! 

To Hello Chef, thank you for bringing back joy to the cooking!


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