Meet Sharon Lin: A Versatile UI/UX Designer

Meet Sharon Lin: A Versatile UI/UX Designer

Using design to express yourself has never been easier. Digitalization has opened a world of possibilities for those who know how to put their creativity in action. 

But, as great as this may sound, such a situation has its drawbacks. The competition is fierce and putting your best foot forward may be your only chance to steal the show.

Sharon Lin (, another up-and-coming UI/UX designer in our .ME family, seems to have no trouble standing out from the crowd.  

Let’s see how she does it! 

Who Is Sharon Lin?

Sharon Lin is a UI/UX designer who attended the University of Michigan and got her minor in Art and Design. Although she is particularly interested in UI/UX design, she is more than ready to dip her toes in motion design, graphic illustration, prototyping, branding, digital painting, and user research. 

Sharon’s goal is to become the greatest designer of all time.

Being versatile is Sharon’s forte and sure comes in handy considering the increasing demands of the industry. And the best thing? She knows exactly how to rock the designing world regardless of the direction she takes.  

According to Sharon, she likes to “merge fun with accessible design to create impactful experiences”. Such a statement comes as no surprise, as it is something that becomes visible as soon as you take a deeper look into her work. Her designs are fun, energetic, playful, attractive, and innovative. But at the same time, Sharon is a very detail-oriented person. This helps her ensure each and every one of her final products is flawless

“I merge fun with accessible design to create impactful experiences.”

As a young professional trying to make it in a competitive industry, Sharon’s secret weapon is her burning ambition to be the very best version of herself. Her goal is to become the greatest designer of all time. A designer who can create literally everything that comes her way. And enjoy the process, too. 

Achievements Of This UI/UX Designer So Far

As a highly motivated and driven young professional, Sharon has managed to gain considerable hands-on work experience since 2018.

She started as a graphic design intern, and the position allowed her to become familiar with various aspects of design. Business cards, website banners, catalog covers, event flyers, and books were just some of Sharon’s first projects. As an intern, she also had the opportunity to collaborate with both small business clients and larger companies. This experience broadened her perspective and prepared her for what was yet to come.

The following year saw Sharon joining Michigan Advertising & Marketing (MAM) as a member of the creative design team.She spent almost 4 years working there – the last two as a vice president of creative strategy! In addition, she organized workshops that covered topics such as color psychology, visual literacy, and designing for accessibility.

She then moved on to becoming a full-time UI designer, first only for Wheelin’ n Mealin’ and later for Chartmetric, too. The companies belong to the entertainment industry. Wheelin’ n Mealin’ is focused on game development, whereas Chartmetric is into software development for the needs of the music industry. What’s awesome is that both positions help nurture Sharon’s artistic spirit and fuel her creativity. 

Developing A Career As A UI/UX Designer

Developing A Career As A UI/UX Designer

One of the first projects Sharon worked on at MAM is that of creating creative campaigns and breathtaking designs for Teaspressa. The people from Teaspressa, a tea shop, were looking for someone to take their brand awareness game to the next level, while staying in line with the existing brand image. Sharon was a perfect fit for the job. Energetic, passionate, and brimming with ideas, she knew how to put her creativity to good use. No wonder she quickly became one of the lead UI/UX designers, not only for Teaspressa but for other clients as well.

Energetic, passionate, and brimming with ideas, Sharon knows how to put her creativity to good use.

Another exciting opportunity arose when Sharon was offered to work on a UI/UX design project for Polaris. Her task was to help design a user-friendly 3D configuration platform dedicated to vehicle customization. This position taught Sharon to create designs that perfectly fit the needs of mobile users and on-the-go apps. Mobile UX design mostly centers around efficiency, discoverability, and accessibility – all essential for an amazing user experience. 

Sharon’s innovative designs, great work ethic, indomitable will, and strong desire to leave her own mark are sure to set her up for success.

Definitely worth mentioning is Sharon’s Saleblazers gig. Saleblazers is a co-shopkeeping game that relies on heavy customization. A highly-customizable game depends on impeccable game design, UI and UX design, which was exactly what Sharon did. Being a designer and game producer on such a worthwhile project helped her improve her skill set and learn more about game design, high-fidelity prototyping, and cross-functional collaboration. 

Wrapping Up

Sharon Lin is a name to remember – her innovative designs, great work ethic, indomitable will, and strong desire to leave her own mark are sure to set her up for success. 

Also, the fact that she loves Pokémon, classical music, and video games (not necessarily in that order) doesn’t hurt if you ask us. 


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