Online Collaboration Tools Star: Join.Me

Online Collaboration Tools Star: Join.Me

It seems that there has never been a bigger need to connect teams across the world as efficiently as possible. There are many popular online collaboration tools that can help but not all of them have the edge, features, and a team of experts with such a great sense of humor like Join.Me.

Join.Me was created by LogMeIn, Inc. and it’s the only screen sharing, online meetings, and web conferencing tool you’ll ever need. 

We’re particularly proud to mention that since its creation in 2010, it has been a member of our Premium Domain Names family.

Here’s what the team behind Join.Me has to offer.

Remote work stats

remote work tools to use

There have been major changes in the way people do business, and working remotely is a part of them. 

According to numerous surveys and research, the number of people working remotely has been increasing and it’s 400% higher compared to 2010.

There have been major changes in the way people do business and working remotely is a part of them. Thanks to the development of online communication and collaboration tools, making that happen is easier than ever before.

Remote work has also had an impact on productivity levels and overall employee happiness as 83% of workers state that the option of remote work would make them feel happier at work.

Finally, with over 69% of the millennial workforce that would change other benefits for remote and flexible work, recruiting professionals most definitely need to strategically implement these options in their enterprises.

Thanks to the development of online collaboration tools, remote work is as easy as ABC.

Tool of choice of millions online collaboration tool

Join.Me is a simple-to-use collaboration tool used by millions of people daily, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. It helps teams keep productivity levels high by enabling seamless “face-to-face” communication no matter where each member is. 

They have over 18.3K followers on Twitter, an enormous Facebook community of around 103K members, and more than 7K that follow them on LinkedIn.

Whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad, or Android devices, joining a meeting couldn’t be easier. 

Whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad, or Android devices, joining a meeting with Join.Me couldn’t be easier.

As mentioned earlier, Join.Me is ideal for meetings, screen sharing, and web conferences, but it can also be used for delivering presentations, sharing documents, and so much more.

It’s a great tool for individuals, small to medium teams, and large businesses. With specially designed PRO and BUSINESS subscription options Join.Me can meet the needs of large companies. The two options offer added security-related advantages, unlimited international calling, and various audio options including VOIP and toll-free capability. Also, BUSINESS comes with dedicated onboarding and training options and includes support for all users.

Features of this Online Collaboration Tool

The amazing software comes with an array of even more amazing features. Some of the major ones are:

  1. Video conferencing – A fast, reliable, and simple way to stay in touch with your team, business partners, and everyone else. Free for up to three meeting participants, whereas 10 people can join a talk with PRO or BUSINESS.
  2. Screen sharing – The ability to share your screen with meeting participants who can also annotate and edit the content. Join.Me PRO users also have the option of sharing a single window instead of their entire screen. Neat, right?
  3. Mobile app – Join.Me is available for iOS and Android which makes it perfect for meetings on the go. In a few clicks, users can share presentations, whiteboards, and other documents, share device screens, web pages or apps. Also, there is the cool Infinite Canvas option which teams can use for brainstorming sessions and idea-sharing.
  4. Free webinar – With Join.Me PRO, users can organize free webinars and share their screen with up to 50 people, encourage engagement with the annotation and pass presenter options, and even record and share the entire online event.
  5. Toll-free calls – What clients really love is being able to call the product or service provider free of charge. Something like this is possible because Toll-Free numbers work with Join.Me and customers can dial-in however they want from nearly 70 countries.


As they humorously put it, “ plays well with others”. And we can say that they have a lot of great friends. 

To help users boost productivity, maximize efficiency and in turn reinforce teams, they offer integration solutions with the top apps like:

  • Google Chrome, Microsoft Outlook, and Office 365, which enables PRO and BUSINESS subscribers to join a meeting directly from the browser or app, schedule a meeting and sync their calendars. Free users can join a meeting from Chrome;
  • Slack, Trello, G Suite, HipChat, IFTTT, and Zapier to video call and have meetings without leaving the app dashboard;
  • HubSpot CRM, Highspot, Salesforce, OCTIV, DocSend, and Yesware – to help you accelerate your sales even more by easily and quickly launching meetings, screen sharing, and exchanging documents.

Security online collaboration tool

User security is a top priority for everyone at Join.Me. That’s why they have 256-bit TLS encryption and treat your data as if it were your bank account.

They do not store the data, files or images from your meetings on their servers. PRO and BUSINESS users have the option of recording the meetings and when they do, all the information gets encrypted. 

Thanks to the integration solutions with some of the top apps out there, Join.Me can boost team productivity and maximize efficiency.

Additionally, people can participate in a Join.Me meeting only with an assigned random code. This code provides a secure screen sharing connection. The PRO and BUSINESS Join.Me versions offer a meeting lock. This requires anyone to knock first before they can join a meeting, which enables the host to see who the person is exactly.

Thanks for calling online collaboration tool

Remote work and online collaboration tools are becoming the norm. And it is not just because of the current state of affairs in the world. Apps like Join.Me offer great ways for teams to stay connected. Thanks to its many features and amazing integration solutions, productivity and efficiency are things that can continue to strive, even in the most challenging of circumstances.


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