Optune Makes Artist Booking Simple and Easy

Optune Makes Artist Booking Simple and Easy

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Being an artist manager is definitely not a common profession, but it can be incredibly rewarding. It is a highly responsible job that implies negotiating fees, ensuring that contracts work in favor of the client, booking venues, investigating events where their client can perform, and overall – fully supporting the development of their career.

However, in addition to the excitement that comes with such a role, artist managers are also under a lot of stress for two main reasons.

Firstly, the market is highly competitive.

Secondly, there are so many things that are beyond their control. Success often depends on the relationships managers cultivate in the industry and the network of contacts they establish.

You can feel immediately that Optune was made by people with experience and a flair for the clubbing industry. The interface is incredibly user-friendly and clear cut.Ray Douglas, Swiss Nightlife Award Winner

Within such a landscape, time is money and unfortunately – it’s a resource that always seems to be deficitary.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a better way to organize all the bookings and logistics, without losing your mind within endless Excel sheets, and optimize your workflow once and for all?

Well, it is now possible with Optune (optune.me).

What is Optune and How it Works

Optune was created by Oscillate AG, a company based in Zürich. The goal of this creative team was pretty straightforward: they wanted to overhaul existing booking structures in the live music business and to optimize them using an innovative technological framework.

Optune is a booking and collaboration software focused on live music businesses. It’s the perfect go-to administrative solution for agents, DJs and musicians, and promoter bookers. It directly addresses the most critical pain points of key stakeholders within the industry, eliminating the usual chaos from one’s workday.

The most important thing regarding Optune is the fact that it’s cloud-based, meaning it enables seamless collaboration between different parties, regardless of their location. No more cross-channel communication: Optune centralizes all your collaboration efforts and enables you to handle them within one software!

You can create and share invoices and itineraries, send online questionnaires, manage your to-do lists, and get notified about things that really matter, such as booking requests or changes, and deadlines.

All of the updates happen in real time, which keeps everyone in the loop and prevents any misunderstandings. Of course, the whole system is safe and protected, as it was designed with the respect of the highest security standards.



Something for Everyone

As we already mentioned, Optune is designed with artists, managers, and promoter bookers in mind, and they can all use the app to fit their own needs. Here’s how:

  • Artists  

With Optune, artists can truly enjoy the convenience of accessing all their booking information, keeping track of their finances, and sending and managing invoices – with just a few clicks. Optune App is easily installed on the smartphone and it has a user-friendly interface, giving users a clear top view on all of the booked gigs – dates, times, venues, whether or not the gig was already paid for, etc. This makes it a lot easier for artists to handle their schedule and organize themselves.

In addition to this, artists can embed their gigs to their personal website, connect their private calendar to Optune, or promote their gigs via their social media profiles. In order to stay in the loop and don’t miss a thing, Optune offers seven different types of notifications.  

  • Managers

Agency managers and their teams can have all the booking information and logistics in one place. No more confusing Excel sheets: agents can now enjoy clear monthly and list calendar views, personalized notifications, and to-do lists. They will never get swamped with emails again, as the communication runs smoothly right there, within Optune.

We love the rush of creating revolutionary products and making our client’s lives easier – products that simplify business down to its core necessities.Oscillate’s team

Also, managers can negotiate all their contracts and deals through the web app, which significantly shortens the path between finding and booking an artist. They can also set fees and commissions with just a few clicks.

Invoices and contracts are easily stored and managed. Plus, managers can make the most of Optune’s insights: they can easily track artist’s financial performance and utilize data filters in order to adjust their strategy better for the future.

  • Promotion bookers

When it comes to event promoters, Optune is still preparing the solution for this particular group. The idea is to have a direct and automated event and booking execution between all involved parties, so to make the organization of live entertainment as simple as possible. Optune acts as a catalyst here as it enables effective collaboration while saving all key stakeholders both time and money.  


Optune looks to support DJs and musicians, which is why signing up is completely free of charge for them. Artists can enjoy all features, along with a full support from the Optune team without paying a dime. This makes managing bookings and finances easy as pie. In addition, artists can promote their gigs on any channel they want, which amplifies their personal branding efforts.

As for the agents and managers, they can choose between

  • a starter plan (€ 16 per month, paid annually) or
  • a pro plan (€ 51 per month, paid annually)

The key difference between the two comes down to the number of managed artists and the ability to add more agents/managers by paying an additional fee per month. Both plans come with a free 14-day trial, so you can test them before making a decision.

In addition, you can choose a premium onboarding package (€ 170): this is perfect if you don’t have the time to manually add all existing data you have stored (e.g. contracts, contacts, bookings, etc.), because Optune will do it for you. Importing data is simple and you can then enjoy a much more productive work environment.



Onescreener: Another Fit Solution for Artists

In addition to Optune, Oscillate offers another solution called Onescreener. It is a simple website builder created with especially artists, DJs, and bands in mind.

By narrowing their target group, Oscillate’s team has designed a perfectly uncomplicated way for artists to create their online presence.

The name is pretty self-explanatory: you can craft and publish your one-screen artist website in under minutes! If your focus is not on blogging, but rather on videos or demo tracks – you can easily embed them to your website and avoid any unnecessary clutter. Everything is customizable, so that you create the exact site that reflects you and your art. You can choose between a starter plan or a pro plan, where the latter enables you to link your unique domain name.

Not only does Optune allow me to plan my booking schedule with ease but it also gives me details on monthly revenue at a glance. This plus the flawless integration into my website and personal calendar make Optune the most advanced, forward thinking booking tool hands down.DJ Rollo Tomasi

The truth is, you don’t need any technical knowledge to create a website for yourself today. There are many other free or cost-efficient website builders similar to Onescreener, that allow you to create and publish stunning websites in no time!

Whether you’re an artist or a creative professional, you need a proper website that will be your digital business card. That is the only way you can control your online image and set your career straight while staying on the radar of potential clients and all those who might want to work with you.

If you’re not sure which domain name should you choose, pick .ME as your ally in the online arena! Check if your domain name is available and show the world who you really are.


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