Restory.ME: Marketing Approach That Moves People

Restory.ME: Marketing Approach That Moves People

Marketing is everything – the way you market your business will make or break your enterprise. Having a unique marketing approach is what sets you apart from everybody else. No matter what your product or service is, you need a clever marketing campaign to attract the right customers and to keep them coming back. 

You need a story that sells.

And companies like Resonance Story know the right way to tell it. 

what is resonance story marketing approach

What is Resonance Story?

Resonance Story is a company that knows how to make the story behind your brand heard. Loud and clear. They know exactly what to do to help you get your message through. To help your business target the right audience, leave an impact, and stir your customers’ emotions. To move them, shake them, and make them stop and think about your product or service. In other words – Resonance Story knows how to craft a story that will truly resonate with the world.

What’s the secret behind their magic?

It all begins with imagination. And lots of it. To be able to create a piece of visual art that causes a reaction in those who see it, you need to have imagination. However, imagination alone won’t do it. You also need creativity, talent, determination, vision, flexibility, curiosity, experience, knowledge, and intuition. Who would have known that the list gets so long? It seems almost impossible for a single person to possess all those traits. Except if the person in question is some kind of a superhero. 

For this reason, Resonance Story decided to become a hub for various talented professionals that have experience in making movies, commercials, news, and films. They have gathered a number of gifted artists, filmmakers, and producers who have tons of experience in creating visual art. The result? Numerous award-winning branded documentaries and commercials that are definitely worth the hype. 

what does the company focus on marketing approach

What does the company focus on? 

Resonance Story’s main priority is visual storytelling. More precisely, commercials, branded documentaries, films, and music videos. 


A good commercial is worth every penny. If carefully directed and produced, a commercial can affect the way your brand is perceived. If you portray your brand properly, potential customers are likely to have an emotional response when they see the commercial. The experts at Resonance Story know this. Therefore, they put an additional effort to make a commercial that will capture the essence of your brand. Just take a look at the commercial they did for Lincoln Motor Company, featuring Serena Williams. It really hits the spot! 

Branded documentaries

Branded docs are quite effective and artistically very complex forms of portraying a brand and telling its story. They are short, honest, straight to the point, powerful, and artsy, typically enriched with carefully chosen music to further appeal to customers. These documentaries feature actual customers, whose experience with the brand serves to inspire customer loyalty. Resonance Story has many successful branded docs under its belt – Nike, Comcast, Tylenol, and Fonderie 47 are just some of the names the company has worked with.  


Believe it or not, films can also be used for advertising. Of course, these are not your typical Hollywood blockbusters – they are something between a movie and a documentary. The company has delivered many significant motion pictures so far, including brilliant ESPN films What Carter Lost, Judging Jewell, and Son of the Congo, as well as the awarded documentary film Unsettled, the winner of several major awards, such as the Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary Feature at the Slamdance Film Festival and Temecula Valley Film Festival, the Special Jury Prize at the Sonoma Film Festival, and the Audience Award at the Warsaw Jewish Film Festival and the Florida Film Festival.

Music videos

Finally, music videos are the ultimate form of artistic storytelling – you have just 3 or 4 minutes to boost the visibility of the artist in question and encourage the audience to listen to what the singer has to say. Mastering such a form of artistic expression is quite an endeavor. There are plenty of subtle themes and forms that need to be incorporated into a single video. If we take a look at some of the music videos the team behind Resonance Story created, such as Black TaxiShoeshine, or Deadbeat DarlingSurf India, we can only say that our .MErs are the true masters of the craft. 

how does the present itself online - marketing approach

How does the company present itself online? 

As a company that deals with a visual marketing approach, Resonance Story knows how important visualization is for creating a powerful brand identity. For this reason, their website looks impeccable. It has a simple and straightforward structure and is visually enhanced with powerful videos. These videos represent, in fact, the company’s own works. All the prominent art pieces are there for you to see, making the website a portfolio of sorts. 

Featuring your best work on your website is a great marketing approach. It gives you the opportunity to present yourself and your brand in the best possible light. Also, creating such a portfolio makes it easy for potential clients to quickly determine whether you are a good fit for them or not. This will increase your chances of getting hired and landing a worthwhile project. 

Another thing the company did in an effort to build a strong online presence is choosing a clever domain name – A personal .ME domain name reveals what the company is about and what it stands for: your story matters and Resonance Story will do everything to do it justice.

Bottom line 

If you want your voice to be heard and your story to be told, you have to know how to tell it right

In case you’re not the expert storyteller yourself, it’s best to leave it to the professionals, like the ones who are behind Resonance Story. They will make sure your brand gets the recognition it deserves. After all, the marketing approach you opt for can make or break your business.  


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