surprise christmas gifts for your kids

Let me start by saying this: it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere I go. If you didn’t burst into a song, not to worry, there is still time to get into that holiday cheer. We have decorated the house and put ornaments on our Christmas tree. A bit too early, sure, butstuff

how to navigate online learning with your kids

This year has changed our back-to-school routine for good. My older kid, who is attending school, is usually very happy to go shop for the beginning of the year school supplies. Before a first school day after summer holidays, he would be so excited about seeing his classmates, that he would barely sleep the nightstuff

how to prepare kids for future job market

My older son is a very energetic and active preschooler. Curious by nature, he keeps coming up with new future professions. Last year it was a superhero, then just two months ago he was treating his stuffed animals, determined to become a doctor when he grows up. This week he’s set his mind to becomingstuff

importance of video games and science

We are all aware that the Gen Alpha will have a different future when it comes to education, workplace, life. These digital natives got used to the sight of the tablet screens since the day they were born. Having learnt their first letters while watching videos and playing various games, this generation demands their learningstuff

children coding, languages of the future

If the past few months have taught me something it is how versatile children really are. To keep up with the sense of normality and ease the transition for my preschooler during the pandemic, I’ve done what any mother would. I’ve put on plays, in between the university lectures I held via Zoom, played anstuff

effect of social media on children

Change is the only constant. This might be one of the most accurate descriptions of technology development in the past 20 years. True enough, we swapped our pagers for smartphones phones and introduced tablets and smart gadgets in our lives. By our example, our kids learn that in order to keep up with the changes,stuff

the impact of video games on the cognitive development of children

I still remember my 8th birthday and the special present I’ve got from my grandfather. My first computer. It was Commodore 64. And while I have little interest in learning Basic, I would spend an indefinite number of hours playing Impossible Mission with those special joysticks. But my parents thought that playing video games isstuff

Cyberbullying: Coping Mechanisms for Kids

For children nowadays, staying “connected” to their friends has never been easier with the internet and smart technology. Our kids are in touch with their peers 24/7 and technology allows them to share ideas, photos, stories, videos. But the threats of cyberworld demands the need for guidance, guidelines, and social responsibility. On the other side,stuff

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