Beesy.Me – Solution for Better Business Workflow

Beesy.Me – Solution for Better Business Workflow

This is the best intro for Beesy.ME: Time is the most valuable asset, they say. And at the time of information urgency in business, this statement couldn’t be more true.

Thanks to their managerial experiences, the four founders of the tech startup BeesApps could understand the everyday challenges managers have to tackle. In December 2011, BeesApps was started with a mission to support leaders and teams in their effort to save time and achieve objectives.

The Beesy.ME app was initially launched for iPad and was available on the App Store. Thanks to the app sales, they developed their collaborative note-taking and project management SaaS solution Beesy.Me.

Let’s see how Beesy helps you spend less time on repetitive and time-consuming tasks and aids you in managing your daily activities better.

Beesy.ME smart assistant

activity and project tracking app

New technologies like AI help companies improve their productivity and results. That’s why integrating AI into Beesy was a strategic move. Since today, AI is the key to business performance.

Beesy.ME smart assistant automates time-consuming tasks from daily tools such as email, instant messaging, etc. Beesy.ME AI also comes with a chatbot that uses natural language, analyzes data, sorts it, and stores in a structured way on the collaborative platform.

The Holy Grail: Up-to-date mailbox

First of, Beesy helps you achieve what seems impossible today. An up-to-date mailbox. Email is the basic tool for our daily business activities and your assistant makes it more productive.

The smart assistant keeps track of all your important emails and transforms them into tasks. In that way, it provides a clearer picture of priorities and makes it easy to track down.

Finally, all team members can stop checking their emails in the morning (we know how much you hate doing it).

Automated meeting notes

Meetings also become more productive as Beesy saves you time by automating the meeting notes and minutes creation process. It turns them into decisions and action plans which saves you the trouble of creating Excel spreadsheets or extensive meeting follow-up emails.

Teams can take meeting notes on a device of their choice, whether that’s a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

An additional life-saving feature is the meeting history or recurring meetings. It contains all the information on the previous meetings which you can access at any time.

Interestingly, the company claims that, with their solution, you can save 30 minutes per meeting!

Pretty good if you have meetings on a regular basis, don’t you think?

Activity and project progress tracking

Another great feature of Beesy is that it enables you to keep track of all your activities and projects effortlessly. It gathers all important information into one intuitive digital workspace. This facilitates activity management and monitoring, and their prioritization depending on the urgency and type of action.

Furthermore, real-time actions plan management is seamless and allows managers to structure the plan according to project goals.

Optimized collaborative work

With Beesy.ME, sharing information with team members in actual time is possible, without a ton of emails. The collaborative platform centralizes all essential information and allows progress-tracking of ongoing projects.

As a result, everyone has the same insights into priorities and decisions as they become transparent with streamlined communication.

Better team management

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Apart from managing projects effectively, project managers also have the team management feature at their disposal. Namely, each employees’ action plan progress can be monitored easily and it helps project managers define clear objectives.

Also, task delegation and task prioritization become seamless and all of that can be accomplished in real time. Not to mention the one-to-one meetings and goal-tracking management options that couldn’t be more useful.

Improved activity visibility

Beesy.ME comes with customizable dashboards which help project managers and their teams visualize the reports. Data visualization encourages teams to make more informed decisions in real-time. It also makes project progress and activity monitoring more efficient.

With automated on-demand reports, the next business move becomes reinforced with easy-to-understand graphical data.

Every device in sync

how to make every device in sync

You can access the app from practically any device.

To be more specific, it’s available on iPad, iPhone, iWatch, and Web. It also supports Smartpen and Notebook, as well as Smartpen and Sticky Notes products. Moreover, thanks to Beesy online services, all of those devices are seamlessly synchronized.

Collaboration is once again upgraded as teams have all the information at their fingertips, wherever they are.

Beesy.ME integrated into Microsoft Teams

Apart from supporting project managers with team collaboration, Beesy further bolsters their joint work on Microsoft Teams.

Simply put, Microsoft Teams bring teams and projects together for easier collaboration. Beesy, on the other hand, consolidates all actions and information, meeting notes and minutes, projects and objectives.

Together, they are a perfect team that helps you save time and enables you to take the business workflow to another level.

Beesy.ME: Putting an end to time-wasting

put an end to time waste with

Beesy is an amazing all-in-one solution that will put an end to time-wasting. Project managers and their teams can easily access information on their projects and collaborations in a digital workspace.

Thanks to its AI smart assistant, tasks like the creation of meeting minutes and inbox prioritization become automated. The AI provides invaluable support for activity reporting, monitoring of objectives, and management of individual points.

Arduous note-taking, to-do lists creation, and efficient management of a large number of projects are no longer an issue for all the busy bees. 😉


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