Our premium domain report for 2021 is finally here! We are proud to announce that the demand for .ME premium names grew throughout 2021 which is one more indicator of the necessity of taking a business online and making customer relations more personal.  Also, from now on, the .ME premium domain report will be producedstuff

Since the beginning of the COVID-19, global eCommerce has jumped to $26.7 trillion. A figure we can’t sneeze at! eCommerce is flourishing from Asia to Europe. Buyers of all ages embrace their new digital shopping habits.  So, countless buyers with all kinds of interests have become customers for eCommerce. Serving so many people is reallystuff

Living and working in the times of pandemics made us all learn several valuable lessons. One of them is that our companies must be adapted so they can thrive in the digital world.  Remote employees make up a significant percentage of the workforce. Thus, training employees how to use enterprise software becomes all more complexstuff

We’ve all heard about car leasing. And car-rental is a well-known and established concept all over the world. Now, somewhere in between the two, there is Liigu.  Simply put, Liigu is a car-rental service that gives you all of the benefits of owning a car without actually buying it. The process is extremely simple. Allstuff


I know last year was a tough one, especially for your small business. The continued pandemic has largely moved the business world entirely online, and pivots have been necessary to navigate unprecedented circumstances. Likely, your business started and ended the year with very different sets of goals, challenges, and experiences. So, as you look forwardstuff

How To Turn Unemployment Into An Opportunity

The question we are gonna answer today is how to turn unemployment into an opportunity? We already know that unemployment is often associated with negative feelings of fear, unworthiness, and stress. After being unemployed for a while, you feel like you have lost all the purpose and control of your life. However, if you findstuff

How Storytelling Can Help Your Personal Brand-01-01

Storytelling is captivating for a reason. From childhood through adulthood, we are drawn to the lessons we learn, the exciting journeys we embark upon, the knowledge we gain, and the opportunity to unleash our imaginations. Stories celebrate our culture, and stories are a testament to the lives we have led. Stories also make messages passstuff

How to Deal with Internet Trolls for Your Personal Brand

Trolls – they give life to our legends and myths. They are considered strong, with huge noses and sharp teeth and they sometimes possess magic powers. Then, there are the DreamWork’s Trolls (colorful and cute with angelic singing voices) and wise little helpers from movies like Frozen. And, don’t forget about little neon-haired troll dollsstuff

It is true that imagination will take you anywhere. But deep research paired with a distinct problem-solving approach will beyond doubt take you to the top. Zealous dedication, in-depth research, and superior analytical skills are what helped Ciara Green, a user researcher and anthropologist, reach vertiginous heights in her industry.  Ciara’s achievements set her apartstuff

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