Destination Unknown: Be Spontaneous and Travel with srps.ME

Destination Unknown: Be Spontaneous and Travel with srps.ME

Remember travelling somewhere for the first time and being flushed with excitement as soon as your feet hit the ground?

Such feeling stems from not knowing what to expect; from this breath of fresh air that overwhelms you with positive energy. Now, what if we told you there is a way to take it up a notch? 

Just imagine: 

Deciding on a destination only a couple of hours before boarding. 
Leaving without planning every single detail in advance. 
Traveling without schedules and itineraries. 
Being bold, adventurous and spontaneous. 

Stepping out of your comfort zone.

You think something like this could fuel your wanderlust? Then you’ll absolutely love srps.ME!

What is srps.ME?

srps.ME is a successful Dutch travel company specialized in organizing surprise trips. The concept is pretty simple, actually – you only need to make a couple of choices required to customize your trip and – voilà! srps.ME team takes it from there. 

Not only are you in for a surprise destination which you’ll find out about only once you arrive at the airport but, since all the planning and booking is done for you, you’ll finally get a chance to sit back and enjoy every second of this unique experience. 

srps.ME is ideal for everyone looking to experience traveling from a completely unique perspective. It’s designed to surprise you, excite you, liberate you, and push your boundaries!

Since all of the trips can be tailored to suit your individual needs, srps.ME works great for solo travels, family adventures, romantic getaways, or an organized surprise trip as a gift for someone else.

The company was founded in 2013 and made it their top priority to create a business which cares about its customers. For them, every traveler matters and their team gives their best to fulfill (and exceed) the expectations of numerous clients. Considering their customer-centric policy, it’s no wonder that so many travelers who embraced the srps.ME adventure left excellent reviews!    

Another thing that sets srps.ME apart from other companies is their branding efforts. Since they are clearly aware of how proper branding is important for the business growth, they’ve put additional effort into coming up with an original, catchy CTA packed in their .ME domain name which immediately makes us twice as excited about the service!

With more than 100,000 satisfied travelers, srps.ME clearly knows how to create a truly jaw-dropping experience designed to change the way you travel. 

How does it all work?

First, you need to decide on what kind of trip you’d like to go to. Even though the destination will be a complete surprise, there are still several things you’ll have to disclose so that the team at srps.ME gets an idea of the most suitable destination for your you. 

When you travel with, your only clue is the weather forecast! You have to know what to pack, after all. 😀

Think about whether you’d like to go solo or have someone to keep you company. Then, work out the suitable dates, as well as the desired length of the trip. Next up is the location – choose parts of the world you’d like to visit and exclude the cities you’ve already been to. You can even choose a preferred type of accommodation – shared, standard, comfort, or premium – and the airport you’d like to depart from. There are certain additional details you can include as well, such as a need for an extra suitcase, breakfast, or a baby bed. 


The destination has more than its share of must-see attractions, but this unusual formula seemed to free us of any obligation to tick them off. Instead, we embraced spontaneity, staying away from travel websites, online reviews, even the Guardian’s own city guide to this destination.

The Guardian article on

The company will then take care of booking your flight and accommodation – they pay special attention to choosing only the reliable, reputable, and safe airline companies, as well as the highest-rated accommodation available for the price.

Approximately one month before the trip, you’ll be sent the exact departure time and luggage measurements. Then, around a week prior to the adventure, you’ll be given your only clue – a weather forecast (it’s only fair to know what to pack). That same week, you’ll receive a scratch card that will contain your mystery destination which you’re not supposed to scratch off until you arrive at the airport. Tempting, we know, but this makes the whole experience even more thrilling, so try not to give in!

And finally – once inside the airport, it’s time to reveal your destination and as soon as your plane lands, the adventure can begin!  

Since all of the trips can be tailored to suit your individual needs, srps.ME works great for solo travels, family adventures (kids just adore surprises!), romantic getaways, or an organized surprise trip for someone else – just name it and they’ll have it.

Tell me more!

Apart from a customized trip, the company has several pre-designed themes to choose from.

The concept is pretty simple actually – you only need to make a couple of choices required to customize your trip and – voilà! srps.ME team takes it from there.

New places offer you the chance to book a city break to a European city you’ve never visited before. You can exclude literally every city you’ve already been to, so you don’t end up following in your footsteps.

Opting for In control will give you the possibility to leave out up to five cities, out of 15 available in this offer. While it’s true you’ll have a vague idea of your destination, you won’t be able to pinpoint to the exact location, which still leaves enough room for you to be surprised. Apparently, it’s even more fun to do it with your eyes closed.  

With Summer holiday you can choose between a more relaxed, lying-on-a-beach type of holiday, or more of an exploration trip, where you spend some time sightseeing. It all depends on your references.

Will the special Rocket trip, designed for those who have traveled everywhere and seen everything, really take you to another planet? You’ll have to sign up and see for yourself. 🙂

Best price offer will send you straight to the most affordable trip srps.ME has to offer, while the most popular one will take you to the city rated by other travelers as the most popular one. 

Should I try it?

For us here at .ME, to travel is to explore; to learn, see, taste, hear, and touch. To feel that jolt of excitement while having the world’s mysteries unravel before our very eyes. To live. 

And we bet you feel something similar as well. 

The great thing is – srps.ME, with its unique and exciting approach to traveling, can give you exactly what you’re looking for.

So, go ahead and surprise yourself. You deserve it!

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