Igdm.ME: A Startup that Changed How We Message on Instagram

Igdm.ME: A Startup that Changed How We Message on Instagram

Let’s be honest here for a moment: we really spend a lot of our time on social media, don’t we?

We skim through photos, watch endless hours of funny cat videos, share our own content… 

Sure, we love posting breathtaking photos from our most recent holiday so that everyone can see just how good of a time we had; but that’s not all social media’s about. 

It’s about connecting people keeping us posted about our loved ones and allowing us to stay in touch with them via their various messaging apps

And let’s not forget the busy bees whose professional lives revolve around these platforms, who spend their days checking the feed, curating the content they post and answering their followers DMs.

Now, although the majority of social media platforms work pretty much the same way, regardless of whether we use them on our smartphones or computers – that’s not the case with Instagram.

This hugely popular visual app is designed primarily for a younger, smartphone-savvy generation. A smartphone is a must if you’re even to consider yourself a member of the Insta club. Indeed, more than half of Instagram users are actually younger than 34.

Truth to be told – thought there is a desktop version of the app, you are robbed of many of its features and the whole experience seems quite dull, as opposed to the mobile version. This is especially pesky for all marketers and influencers who, besides posting visual content, need to maintain constant interaction with their followers.

Luckily, our prayers have been answered when igdm.ME came to life!

Changing the Messaging Game with Igdm.ME

igdm.ME enables you to manage your Instagram conversations efficiently and seamlessly, making everyday interactions feel like a charm, rather than a chore.

IG:dm is a revolutionary Instagram application that allows you to continue your conversations from the comfort of your laptop or desktop. This basically means that you can send DMs straight from your computer, just by installing the app, which is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The installation process is pretty simple – you need to choose your operating system, download the compatible version, and run the installation. Once that’s taken care of, the only thing left to do is to log into your Instagram account, and you’re good to go. 

As its interactive brand name suggests, the focus of this intuitive tool is communication – you’ll be able to access and manage recent Instagram conversations even when your phone is not at hand. Just imagine being able to send and receive DMs, search for a specific user or a message, and quote the desired message with a single click of your mouse

It’s a life-saver when you, for any reason at all, are not able to use your phone (if you ask me, the battery life is painfully short!). It also makes the whole process of communication as sleek as possible – after all, having your messages up on the big screen truly makes a difference when you’re handling a gazillion DMs on a daily basis. 

Moreover, there are two versions of this powerful app available – a free version and IG:dm Pro. Both enable you to send, receive and quote messages, as well as access a list of users who are not following you back. Still, IG:dm Pro comes with some additional perks up its sleeve. 

With the Pro version, you can access up to 100 Instagram conversations, manage multiple accounts, delete conversations and un-send messages, as well as use some cool features such as emoji search and quick replies. 

Pretty handy if you happen to be an Instagram influencer or a social media manager, isn’t it?

A Godsend for Every Marketer out There  

For every community or social media manager out there, interacting with Instagram users is an integral part of their professional life. In fact, the more users they interact with, the better the marketing strategy they have. 

It’s no wonder then that marketers are on the constant lookout for desktop-ready apps and tools which can help them operate their social networks efficiently. A regular working day for a marketer entails the usual: going through countless message requests, contacting numerous clients and future leads, and handling a multitude of urgent customer-related situations. 

With the Pro version, you can access up to 100 Instagram conversations, manage multiple accounts, delete conversations and unsend messages.

Now, can you imagine having to rely solely on your phone for taking care of all of the above? I know I can’t.

That’s why having a glitch-free, intuitive, easy-to-use app which allows you to interact with your followers right from your laptop or desktop device is a real game-changer. igdm.ME enables you to manage your Instagram conversations efficiently and seamlessly, making everyday interactions feel like a charm, rather than a chore. 

What’s not to like?

Other Essentials Instagram Tools

If you found igdm.ME to be useful and are looking to discover even more apps that’ll change your Instagram experience for the better, then you’ll surely appreciate the following four tools which proved to be must-haves for every avid Instagram user.  


Filtrr.ME is not an app, per se, but more of an addition to Adobe Lightroom mobile application. Since Adobe Lightroom is a software which allows you to edit your photos, filtrr.me offers you various Lightroom presets. These presets are actually pre-made adjustments, settings, and filters for easier photo editing, which you can use to add that “oh-wow-so-stunning” effect to any photo you throw at it. 

Once you download and install the preset(s) of your choice, you’ll be able to use them to create a perfect Insta-worthy photo sure to grab everyone’s attention

Social Rank

Social Rank is a true blessing for every marketer out there that is making it easier for you to identify, understand, segment and manage your Instagram followers. It helps you pinpoint potential prospects, the biggest influencers, those who engage the most with your content, and those who are most followed. 

Such detailed report enables you to get to know your audience and, thus, customize your social marketing campaign.


Designed to help you strengthen the customer-brand relationship, increase trust and customer loyalty, Yotpo will completely change the way you communicate with your customers. Since customer-centric culture is all about user-generated content, Yotpo founders made it their priority to create an app that will facilitate the process of collecting and showcasing such content, while at the same time asking the owners for permission. 

Just think of all those user-generated photos you can use to create an outstanding visual marketing campaign.


Pinsta.ME is a website which makes it possible for you to browse Instagram pictures on your computer, in your web browser. Not only can you check out popular photos and profiles, but you can also browse through Instagram, leave comments, likes, and follow other users. It looks a lot like Pinterest, and it’s pretty simple and straightforward to use. 

Make sure to check it out and let the browsing begin!  

Parting Words

Since it seems like Instagram wants to stay a “smartphone-only” app (at least for now), accessing it from a computer is not a seamless experience. 

However, the good news is that there are certain tools designed to make it possible for you to enjoy all the mighty features this platform has to offer, even if you are accessing it from your PC. Be it the ability to interact with your followers, browse through Instagram, or edit your photos – it’s completely up to you. 

If you ask us, it’s a great option to have!

This article is part of the ongoing .ME Success Stories series – our way of bringing visibility to our community members, featuring their work and sharing what we can learn from them with you. Have your own .ME story to share? Let us know!


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