.ME Registry Received Two National Awards for CSR Activites in Montenegro

.ME Registry Received Two National Awards for CSR Activites in Montenegro

Last week we received two national social and corporate responsibility awards – the ISKRA 2018 philanthropy excellence award for “Contribution at a National level” and an award for caring about the community by the Montenegrin Employers Federation!

The annual philanthropy award ISKRA is awarded by the Fund for Active Citizenship (FAKT) in partnership with the national Chamber of Commerce and the Directorate for Diaspora. The award traditionally honors outstanding philanthropic achievements, recognizing and paying tribute to the individuals and organisations whose contributions improve the quality of life, the quality of communities, and the country itself. Domain.ME has been recognized for its many activities aiming to create and promote STEM education in Montenegro, especially when it comes to younger generations, by receiving the ISKRA award for its “Contribution at a National level”.

“We see the opportunity to operate the Montenegrin national internet domain both as a privilege and as a responsibility; a responsibility to give back to the community we are a part of by strengthening the Montenegrin tech sector. Our focus is mostly on STEM education, as we are guided by the desire to create a better future for our children – the future that is as diverse as possible in terms of the choices they make regarding their education, work, and lifestyle. ”

Predrag Lesic, CEO of Domain.ME, while receiving the ISKRA award

We were also recognised for its ongoing practice in the field of social and corporate responsibility by receiving the “Care about Community” award from the Montenegrin Employers Federation in a small enterprise category. These prestigious awards aim to promote best social and corporate responsibility practices as well as the companies which engage in them.

Over the last ten years, we invested more than one million euros into strategically chosen national projects with the goal of introducing the benefits of the digital economy to Montenegrin people and businesses, preparing young people for the future of work, and developing a local startup scene. Most of the projects have been initiated shortly after Domain.ME was founded, some of them being: Domain.ME’s Programming School (a two-semester programming course for middle and high school students organised in cooperation with the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Montenegro), Knowledge Olympiad (a national competition organised in cooperation with the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics with more than 3,600 participants in the last nine years), FIRST LEGO League (a program of robotics for ages nine to sixteen developed to encourage children’s interest in science and technology, led by the Foundation of Young Inventors of Montenegro), Spark.me conference (one of the biggest tech and business conferences in Southeastern Europe, which gathered more than 80 speakers and 3,000 participants from 30 countries since 2013.), and many more.

Find out more about our corporate and social responsibility activities and their contribution to the Montenegrin society in our CSR report.


Sanja Gardasevic

Digital marketing professional with a passion for technology, creative challenges, and giving back to the community.

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