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You may apply for a premium .ME domain using the below application form (please note that the required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)).

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Applicants are expected to submit a brief overview of their core business, provide detailed information about the company’s existing products/services/projects including number of users, relevant links, evidence of traffic in the last six months, number of downloads, the end user demographics and mentions in relevant online and offline media as well as the short biographies of the company executives and the description of their entrepreneurial endeavours.
Applicants are expected to submit a detailed description of the product/service/project to be launched on the domain name of interest including a description of the interface and product features, as well as, the business plan containing market analysis, description of the revenue model, projected number of users/traffic/downloads in the first three years following the launch, list of investors/advisers backing up the product and the description of target audience and target markets.
Applicants are expected to provide the implementation timeline (i.e. roll-out schedule), detailed marketing plan including description of marketing activities for each phase of the roll-out schedule, the list of online and offline media to be used in marketing campaigns and the list of influencers and bloggers supporting the project.
Applicants are expected to come up with the ideas for the joint promotion of the .ME extension with .ME Registry. In addition to joint promotion of the applicant’s service (joint press release, social media activities and email marketing), the suggestions may include allocation of advertising space at the applicant’s websites to .ME Registry (ex. banner, blog post, list of partners and contributors etc.) and inclusion of .ME domain names registration in the applicant’s overall domain offer (if any).
Applicants are expected to present the budget for the development and marketing of the .ME domain name of interest as well as the mandatory upfront fee they are willing to offer for the domain name. The upfront fee is a one-time payment after which the domain is renewed/extended at the regular .ME renewal/extension provided by the applicant’s registrar of choice.