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Why .ME domain?

Why .ME domains? Right now there are more than 800 000 reasons, but let us start with the top five 🙂

1.    Unique Personal Brand

A captivating online identity is as important in the virtual world as a good personality is when you meet someone face-to-face. Whether you are planning to share a blog, photo-album or a splash page, combination of your name and .ME domain makes your brand truly unique. Why not check out successful .ME personal websites like TuckerMax.METed.MECharlieWebster.METonyConrad.ME and TheDrawingBoard.ME. And if you add a personalized, easy-to-remember email address you will be not only MEmorable but also UNforgettable.

2.    Call to action

.ME domains create call-to-action easily, and sending powerful marketing message in the URL is often one of the most valuable tools for attracting customers. Try to forget services like Branded.MEJoin.ME and Secure.ME.

3.    Social Networks

Social networks find .ME domains a perfect partner in promoting individualism and personal brand. Whether it is about URL shorteners like Fb.Me (Facebook), Ti.ME (Time Magazine), WP.ME (WordPress) and Vk.Me (Vkontakte) or start-ups like About.MeFlavors.Me, .ME TLD always makes a statement.

4.    Truly Worldwide!

.ME domains are available for worldwide registration! Anyone can register them with their .Me registrar of choice without demanding documentation requirements. In addition, Google allows geo-targeting of .ME domains, and in terms of search treats them like any standard TLD (.com, .net, .org). Finally, with its multiple meanings in different languages (English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Bulgarian and languages spoken in the former Yugoslavia) .Me is truly cosmopolitan domain.

5.    Secure

.Me Registry adopted best practices to ensure maximum security of .Me domains as well as policies to protect the rights of trademark owners and individual registrants and is actively working on the implementation of the latest technologies including DNSSEC.

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